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MPOWER at a Glance

MPOWER Cybersecurity Summit will feature a comprehensive agenda packed with targeted, highly informative breakouts. Gain tangible knowledge throughout the summit on main stage and in breakout sessions – topics will cover:

Upgrade Your Device Security

Connected devices are multiplying in both volume and variety. Whether they are being used in isolation, connected to email servers, hooked into the intranet or working in the cloud, keeping this myriad of managed and unmanaged devices secure is a top priority. Hear from industry experts about the latest advances in achieving this goal.

Evolve your Security Operations

It is believed that 2 in 5 enterprises have more than 26 Security Operations and Analytics tools in their organisations. Despite this though, Mean Time To Detect (MTTD) and Mean Time To Respond (MTTR) to threats is still often measured in weeks and months, not minutes and hours. This theme will examine some of the underlying issues hindering Security Operations Analysts and identify potential resolutions.

Secure Your SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and Hybrid Datacentre

Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS – there are so many ways to consume cloud technologies, but one thing is certain: we’re all doing it! What is less certain is whether we’re all doing it safely and securely. This stream focuses on how to ensure all of your workloads and all of your data remains protected irrespective of the consumption model or models you’ve chosen.

Protect Your Data and Customer Privacy

In today’s outsourced and ‘cloud-first’ world keeping your data secure and customers’ data private are key issues facing enterprises of all sizes. Learn about the latest solutions and gain valuable insights into how you can accelerate towards these objectives.

Integrated Security

“Technology Rationalisation” is seen as a key milestone in delivering the security posture of the future. But rationalisation alone cannot succeed unless the tools being utilised can be truly integrated; sharing actionable intelligence, management and reporting to support a more automated, less complex environment.

Best Practice & Case Studies

This theme will give you the opportunity to examine real world examples of security implementations, identify potential pitfalls and gain critical insights to help streamline your own solution delivery.

McAfee Theatre

Feel like something a bit different? Why not step out of the presentations and take the chance to experience an interactive demonstration-led session in the McAfee Theatre?

Solutions Exhibition

Take the opportunity to speak to our extensive array of partners, learn about complimentary solutions and see demonstrations of the latest technology to get a more holistic picture of what your security could deliver in the future. It’s all in the Solutions Exhibition. Open during morning registration, at lunch time and in all coffee breaks.